Wow Wow Wow ! It has been a crazy week of development to pop this really useful feature in the app!

Thanks to a feedback from Colin and others, we now have some small Quizz/Puzzle type of games.

It’s quite basic right now, but useful already - more of those games will appear in the app soon ;)

Sentences and words games

Find the correct translations

Read or Listen to the sentences/word and select the correct translations.

Sound: What sentence/word is it ? English

Almost the same as the Find the correct translations, but here you only have the sound ;) It’s a bit harder !!

Sound: What sentence/word is it ? Thai

Same principle as above, but with the Thai version.

What tone is it? (Only for word)

Probably the most difficult one ;) The word is written in Thai, and you can also listen to it, and you have to find the correct tone! Take care some words have multiple tones!


Who will be the first one with 100 good answers ?

Send us a screenshot or post on the facebook page when you reach 100 good answers on a game ;)

I’ve nothing to offer right now, but you’ll probably become a gold member if they are gold member one day ^^ so it’s still worth trying !

Want to help?

Easy, let us know what you think about the app (Via the contact form, or in app there is a feature in the About section).

If you have any kind of issue or suggestions or feature request, same same ! send us an email, post here under the blog post or what ever we listen all our channel ;)

Put a review on the store, it help us to reach more peoples, more ideas, more motivations ;)