This is the website of the app Read Write Speak Thai.

Why did I write the application?

First of all, I like to learn new languages, so every time I’m going to a country which speaks another language than mine, I’m always searching for the most efficient way to learn the language. It was really difficult with Thai because I first learn using the English transcription which does not show the tone and sometimes is wrong (Koh Samui should be more Gaw Samui) . Then I decide to learn to read Thai symbols and I had to unlearn almost everything that I knew. I was very confused by the tone rules difficulty and by the fact that most of the Thai didn’t knew the rules either. After questioning Thai friends, I discover that they are just learning the pattern by heart using tables ( กา ก่า ก้า ก๊า ก๋า ). I tried that way but it’s far from being fun ;)

I start reading the Manee Mana book, but I was still stuck with the tone so I start colorising the words depending on the tone and it was so much easier for me to read correctly and fast.

Thanks to Manee Mana repetition of words and colours, I was able to learn by heart also the tonal pattern and it was much more fun and useful than learning the tables.

That’s where I decide to apply the technics to every sentences that I had in my notes.

To be able to have my notes on me all the time, I decide to develop a mobile app and start adding some useful feature like the ability to find a set of sentences depending on a word, a category, a tone, a source (book or my personal note). Then the Play button to read the sentence, the ability to copy a sentences and paste it quickly in a chat. The app evolve with my need of it, but also with the need of the people which have download the app. I’m listening to ideas and when it’s feasible, I’m adding it to the application.

Feel free to contact me if you have any idea which could improve the app.