There is a lot of very nice ressource made by people to teach Thai language available on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc…

I’m quite sure that you’ve already shared one of those video to a friend… “Hey look at that video it explains super well the consonant in Thai”

The idea

So yeah, that’s the main idea, no more to say ^^

I’m watching a lot of Youtube video, and follow instagram feed which help me in my regular basis to learn some new stuff.

That’s why I would like to be able to find those kind of video quite easily and fast inside the application.

The list will be managed by me mainly, but wait wait … soon there will be an account feature, so you’ll be able to create your account and actively participate to the content of Read Write Speak Thai.

Also, I understand that some people are creating those content to promote their service (Teacher, School, etc), That’s why I’m also thinking of creating a “Page” per Content Creator, to promote their service inside the app. It would be interesting as a Thai learner to have access to all those information within the app.


This is my next development task after the release of the Daily Sentence mode.

It will probably take a month to develop and test before deploying it to the public.

Can I help ?

Yes ;)

Tell me if something like that would interest you! I really need some feedback … I’m developing this application for me, but also everyone which are interested in learning Thai.

Yes again!

Give a review on the store (App store or Android Store) that is **helping A LOT.
**More users on the app, more is my motivation to continue that project ;)

Yes three!

If you have some very good video / ressource that you think should be in that curated list, feel free to send me a message (Facebook, email, form here on the site) with the address.

Yes FOUR! (ok that’s the last one).

If you are a content creator, and want a page on the app, please contact me, I’ll submit to you a small form to get the necessary information to create the page for you. It’s all free, no fee or else so don’t worry ;)