Read Write Speak Thai intend to help intermediate learner to have a user-friendly ressource to practice their Thai reading skill through coloration of the Thai tone.

At the same time, we want you to read content which is useful to have a kind of WIN-WIN mode where you improve your reading skill but also enrich your vocabulary.

That’s why, Piriya is joining me in the team to write meaningful and usable sentences for the real world.

Piriya is a professional translator English/Thai which has a lot of experiences translating website/documents/etc... Feel free to use the contact form if you need any kind of translations work done by her.

She already made more than a hundred sentences which have been published today in the app! Hope you are going to enjoy it!

Wait that’s not all…

I’m a new step further on many new things!

Soon, a new page on the website to add your own set of sentences into the app.

Then, I’ve got the authorization to use a really, really nice ressource from Aakanee - The illustrations for language learning.

I’ll add them raw in the application (cut the border to make it mobile friendly) for you to be able to practice with your teacher/friend/language helper - and start to add some games to it. No precise plan yet, but feel free to give idea of what you want to see.