Hi Thai learner!

Today in preview, the next development revealed for you.

Daily Sentences

A new mode for the sentences part of the application which will help your learning process.

The super algorithm behind the scene is going to propose you a number of sentences to review each day to become a fluent Thai speakers (or at least better than before ^^).

Try to review everyday to unlock the prestigious 30 days in a row and discover the surprise behind it.


This is the perfect time to introduce the achievement system!

A small gamification of the app to add some fun during your time in the application.

Collect all the achievements to become a rock super star of Thai, and redeem some exclusive title and joy that you can share with everyone.

What’s next

I got many reviews that the application is a bit too hard for beginner… and so that’s why I’m going to focus more on them on the next releases.

What I’m going to add for beginner:

  • A new mode to learn the consonant / vowel
  • Quizz for consonant / vowel

For intermediate:

  • Chat with May (A super intelligent bot ^^)

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