The goal of the app is to provide you, ressources and tools to practice and improve your Thai.

We first started with colorised sentences (to show the tone easily) plus a set of tools like Play the sentence, Play the word, Search in Thai or in English a set of sentences, Copy the sentences to paste it somewhere else, Loop over and over the sentence to shadow it, etc etc

Then, we added the Consonants, Vowels and Numbers to quickly be able to find one of those symbols which we always forget ;)

Came later on the Text-To-Speech tool to be able to loop/hear the pronunciation of your own sentences.

A bit after, the Daily Sentences which remind you to come back to practice a set of sentences^^

Finally, the last major feature added was the games to test yourself on all those ressources ;)

And now… Conversations! Yet another feature/ressource which we hope will help you on your journey to master Thai language.

Context is very important when learning new sentences/languages, with small conversations, we have the chance to show you the context, how the words are used, and small simulation of life that you might use one day.

Right now, there are 10 conversations available but we hope to grow that number for every new releases.

If you have interesting conversations that you want to share with everyone, please feel free to send it to us.