Today, I released the version 7 of Read Write Speak Thai.

Here is a description of what is new inside the app.

Yes … I removed it! As the database grow, that feature was slowing down the whole thing!

It’s coming back soon, I just need to adapt some of the code to make it more performant and so your app won’t be buggy or laggy.

Adding the flag for english translation

Now on top of the carousel, you can see a new flag (US one) which when you click will hide or display the english translations of what you are reading.

This is something asked a lot lately so here it is … ;)

By default, I show the english translation, but soon I’ll switch to no english translations first, and you’ll have to click to see it.

BTW: I’m working on something to let you choose the flag ^^

New section - Don’t know how to read yet?

The app is not meant to learn how to read, but more as a tool/ ressource to help you in your learning trip ;)

This is why, I now link to resources which are meant to learn how to read.

1st - Rapid way to learn Thai by Gary Orman.

I had the chance to met the guy, follow his course and it’s very interesting and well done! The method that he’s teaching is very effective and will for sure result in you being able to read Thai.

He also has a huge collection of resources (Audio + Video + Subtitle) of movies / video clip / Novel available which helps a lot to practice.

Read more about his method on his website

(This is an affiliate link, so the app will get a commission if you purchase anything from it).

2nd is the Other resources section.

This sections contains YouTube channel and books that I recommend. If you get any other channel or books that you’ll recommend, feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Android Only - Improvement

Android is dropping the support for version 4.4.x (which has over 4 years now) and so we did too - Sorry for those having old version of Android :( but dropping that version will make the app more performant for more than 90% of the other users.

Website improvement

I’m slowly improving this website with now a new section called App feature where you’ll be able to find all the app feature with a description to help you to use them correctly.


A lot of new feature are on the pipe! Stay tuned to know what’s going to be there next ;)