Finally !

One of the roadmap thing has been done ;)

I worked on many things those days which were not in the roadmap but more on the feedback from people.

We are almost reaching the 1500 sentences in the app thanks to you which sends me content!

I was very unhappy with the Text-to-speech engine of Google and iOS, some of the word were really mispronounced… and so I change for another Google Text-to-speech engine “kind of”.

Now, instead of using your own Text-to-speech engine, he’s going to load an mp3 somewhere over the Internet ;) so no more full offline capability :<

It is still a robot, from Google by the way, but with a way more better quality!

You can still switch on the old text-to-speech method if you want to use it without Internet. (On the top right corner, the settings icon).

Hope you will like it, feel free to reach us via the contact form/ reviews/ facebook etc ;)